“From the very start of the project it was a joy to work with Jess. Jess has a lovely, easy nature, and we quickly established a connection.I particularly appreciated Jess’ ease on crafting our vague idea into a vision, and then into a product. Jess’ guidance and suggestions were graciously put and gratefully accepted. Her feminine approach was just what we needed to balance against my over-wordy tendencies, and her ‘can do’ attitude kept the whole thing on a time line that worked for the flexible nature of what we do.Having now completed the film and been complimented all over the place for it, I cannot imagine doing it with anyone else. And I’m glad we didn’t.
I’d thoroughly recommend Shimnix Productions to anyone, and worth every penny. Her success in this area is assured. She will go far.”- Sura Detox

Picture 20

“Jessica is very passionate and caring about producing an excellent result in her work. She has a great gift for film and it was a pleasure to work with her. I have no doubt that her business will grow as I know her primary aim is to provide the highest quality for her clients and network with other people to help build their business too. I highly recommend her services.” – S.D 

Picture 12

“Jessica has done quite a bit of filming for me. I did an evening at the Blue Lights Hall in Appledore and she came along to video a few songs. She then edited and uploaded them onto You Tube for me. I was very pleased with the results
as it gives me much more exposure in the music world. I then was the subject of  a film she made in Clovelly. This was such a privilege, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Jess and her crew are all young and enthusiastic and not only great fun but also very professional. This is very important to performers and it gives them confidence and trust in her abilities. Again I am very pleased with the results -(although on a more humorous note maybe next time, I might bring along  a make-up artist and hairdresser as I feel a bit windswept).
Shimnix Productions is going to be a wonderful resource for this area, and I cannot wait to film with the team again.” – J.C

Picture 29

“A couple of years ago Jess very kindly volunteered her time and skills to help us get some (filmed) testimonials from local charities that had been funded by Devon Community Foundation. Our visits here in North Devon were the prototypes of the now county wide DCF Seeing Is Believingevents for ambassadors and donors. I know she was inspired by her exposure to those working to support the disadvantaged in our communities, it only serving to strengthen her desire to be of service, especially with her creativity. On a personal note, whilst I am many years her elder, she is a source of great inspiration to me. Not only for her courage in overcoming significant illness but also in her everyday efforts to walk the talk of a more Generous life.” Pete Yeo, Ambassador, Devon Community Foundation.” – P.Y

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