Behind the Lens

It was one long night, lying in a hospital bed, looking up at the ceiling where I first entered the Bronda World.

Ever since a little girl I have created imaginary worlds and characters.
I guess they took me away from my sometimes scary reality.

I was 16, in a hospital room, as time went slowly day by day. The bed that lay beneath me, held my body as I created indentations in the mattress;
a cradle, sterile and coarse.
I had one connection with the outside world, a window; 1part sky, 3 parts brick wall.
Only once did I glimpse nature as a buzzard soared across my skyline.

The medication that trickled through my blood made me stay awake and this is where the most powerful, intense creations came from.
The mid night, tired bones of my day.
Eyes open, wide and dry.

Where were these ideas coming from, vibrant and clear?
Bright sparks were alight and fizzled in my mind.
That night gave birth to Shimnix, Nangouls and the Bronda World.


Meet my Fragile Folk
Many years passed and I became stronger.
I accepted my weaknesses and challenges.Only then did I turn on my heels and march right back into the darkness.
For this is where the magic lay, still wrapped in the insomnia sheets of my hospital room.
I took a deep breath, stretched out my arm and let the little ideas sit gently in the cup of my hand.
I sat for a long time, meditating on their potential.
One by one the ideas started to brighten and become vivid.With this I walked back into my present, bringing the glowing sparks back with me.All that darkness had just made them brighter.
I then waited
until the day came when
I started to share these fragile folk with the world.


Onwards to Film
Before I became ill I wanted to be an actress.
However at the age of 15 I lost the ability to speak, swallow, smile and cry.
My face was paralysed and with it my dreams became a tableau that caused pain.
My only salvation was art and with art came the world of film.
I would get lost in this world, where I could act again without the pressure of an audience.
It enabled me to communicate.
I played with film, stories and my imagination.
I went on to explore film within my Fine Art Foundation Degree.

People have guided me along the way.
In the end you are often alone and the only way to learn is to be curious, push your boundaries and play,

Play, play, play!
This is the most important thing I have done to learn how to create films.